Film and TV Production Management

1st cycle studies (Bachelor of Film and TV Production Management)

Application start: 17th May 2021. Starting date: October 2021


Are you interested in film or television? Would you like to be a member of a film or TV production crew instead of being a viewer? If so, then this course is for you! You will acquire wide knowledge on film and television. You will get to know the duties of the film crew members, as well as learn the stages of film and television production. Starting from the script, through the shooting period up to the post production. You will learn how to work with scriptwriters, directors, actors, journalists, DOPs, production sound mixers, set designers and editors. You will learn about both the technique and technology, as well as about the legal aspects of film and TV production. You will practice planning, budgeting and reporting. Gaining these specialist skills, you will be able to start your career as a Film or TV Producer, Production Manager (PM), Set or Floor Manager, First Assistant Director (First AD), Script Supervisors, Event or Show Producer.

Practical skills

The course offers students the possibility to gain practical skills. The classes will be run by Film and TV practitioners – working among others for TVN, Krakow Film Foundation, Krakow Festival Office (KBF) as well as independent producers. The workshops will be held in the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University Film and TV Studio, which is professionally equipped. Students will benefit from the practical advice of the studio team: journalists, camera operators, sound engineers, editors, studio engineers. Students also have access to well solving complex business problems.


The studies last three years, 6 semesters, end with a diploma exam and the defence of a BA thesis. For each semester, the student should receive 30 ECTS points. The study program includes the following modules: basic knowledge, specific knowledge and practical skills. The students have the opportunity to choose some of the subjects. A group of practical subjects includes TV Production I and II workshops as well as Film Production I and II workshops. Workshops and tutorials are run by practitioners from the film and television industry. The program also includes a mandatory 6-month practice (Vocational Training Practice).

Programme of StudyHoursECTS
1st Semester - see details31030
2nd Semester - see details33030
3rd Semester - see details33030
4th Semester - see details33030
5th Semester - see details30030
6th Semester - see details16030