Faculty coordinators

All matters related to the academic issues are dealt with the Faculty Coordinators appointed in each Faculty at AFMKU.

The Faculty coordinators also provide for the confirmation of Learning Agreements, therefore all questions related to the study content shall be addressed to them.
Erasmus students should contact the coordinators to prepare their LAs as well as consult any issues or problems connected with their course of studies at AFMKU.

Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts:

Barbara Stec, Ph.D.

Faculty of Law, Administration and International Relations:

Professor Katarzyna Banasik, Ph.D. (Law and Administration)
(+48) 12 252 44 70

Anna Paterek, Ph.D. (International Relations)
(+48) 12 252 44 21

Faculty of Management and Social Communication:

Professor Marta Majorek, Ph.D.
Anna Frątczak, Ph.D.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences:

Anna Mokrzycka, Ph.D.
(+48) 12 252 45 20

Faculty of Psychology, Pedagogy and Humanities:

Katarzyna Wójcik-Pyrć, MA
(+48) 12 252 46 20

Faculty of Security Studies:

Professor Monika Ostrowska, Ph.D.
(+48) 12 252 46 30