Academic calendar 2019/2020


winter Semester:

teaching period: 1.10.2019–26.01.2020;
holidays: 1.11.2019, 11.11.2019, 23.12.2019–6.01.2020;
exams: 27.01.–9.02.2020; (part-time studies: 14.02.–1.03.2020)
resit exams: 17.02.–1.03.2020; (part-time studies: until 7.06.2020)
winter holidays: 10.02.–16.02.2020;

spring Semester:

teaching period: 24.02.2020–until the expected learning outcomes have been achieved;
holidays: 9–14.04.2020, 1-3.05.2020, 11.06.2020;
exams: from 15.06.; (part-time studies: from 3.07.)

The Dean, considering the previous degree to which the expected learning outcomes have been achieved, may decide on the commencement of the examination period in the spring semester in particular fields of study, levels of study or years of study at a later date

resit exams: 7.09.–27.09.2020; (part-time studies: 4.09-27.09.2020)